4 Strategies to Maximize Space in Every Room at Home

No one likes clutter because it takes the beauty out of everything. In your home, clutter makes your rooms look smaller and tedious. When designing a website, clutter will make it harder for people to read your content. Clutter at work will make it hard for you to find important documents required to finish a project. In the end, clutter doesn’t help anyone and just creates an environment that lacks space and makes tasks harder to complete. Some people have made a living showing others how to effectively reduce clutter and they’ve made a lot of money doing it. For example, we all know how real-estate is expensive so people are always looking to get more space for a lower investment. As a matter of fact, many people do have a lot of room in their home but haven’t found effective ways to utilize the space.

If you do a quick search online, you’ll find a lot of resources and strategies you can start applying today to reduce clutter in your home. Today, we’ll be exploring 4 effective ways to utilize space in every room at home. It’s time you start thinking outside of the box.

1. Reduce Clutter

Above, I talked about how clutter can take up a lot of room so it’s important you find effective ways to remove the unnecessary items. Have you noticed I said “reduce” the clutter not “eliminate it” because that would be impossible? You need certain items within your house to give it a homey feeling or to represent your personality. But, you need to understand clutter shrinks the size of your room, it kills efficiency, and will make it almost impossible for people to relax. If you feel it’s hard for you to relax at home, then it could be because you have too much clutter in your space. Here are a few things you can do right now:

First, walk around the room and write down the purpose of that room. This will help you create a foundation for that room, and going forward anything that doesn’t fit that purpose, you’ll have an easier time removing. Secondly, you want to focus on purchasing things you’ll use right away and toss out. I’ve noticed much of my clutter is because I’ll buy something and not use it right away because it has no real shelf life. However, if it’s something which needs to go within a few weeks, it’ll force me to throw it out right away. You can also ask yourself if what you’re buying is necessary for your home.

2. Vertical Space

We often purchase items which take up a lot of horizontal space, but we leave vertical space free. Recently, I’ve started to stack things and use vertical space. I’ll buy taller shelves which hold more and purchase bunk beds where I can. To find out more, here are some additional tips on how to maximize vertical space.

3. Scale the Rooms

I’ll admit many people don’t have a huge bedroom so it’s important you have effective ways to find space where you can. I’ve noticed you need to be careful when purchasing furniture for your bedrooms especially when some tend to be smaller than others. Start buying furniture with fewer curves because these take up a lot of room. Curved furniture is not only horizontally lengthy, but the curves stick out, making it thicker. This takes up a lot of unnecessary room which you otherwise could have avoided. If you are buying furniture for a small bedroom, then focus on furniture which is thin and tall so you can stack up books, etc. Keep in mind, having thin furniture will force you to get rid of things you don’t need because they don’t fit in your room.

4. Open Hallways

When you’re trying to maximize the space in your home, you should resist filling up every single corner or hallway. Many times, we are under the impression that we must fill up something if it’s empty, however, this isn’t always the case. If you simply leave some spaces that don’t need anything completely empty, then this will help make your entire room look bigger. When we think about narrow hallways, we always try to put a table, a lot of pictures, etc, but sometimes you should avoid putting anything at all. When you put down a bench or table unnecessarily, it’ll restrict the flow of traffic freely, making everything feel and look smaller. In the first point, I mentioned walking through your home and understanding the purpose of every room, so keep in mind that hallways are designed for people to move from one room to another. Keep the hallways clear by not putting anything which restricts the flow of people.

Final Thoughts

If you found this article interesting and you have always been searching for ways to reduce clutter in your home, then do a quick search in Google where you’ll find a lot of other resources. You can also visit the following design tips where you’ll find another 4 effective strategies for reducing the clutter that you can apply right away.

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