Five Cleaning Tips Professionals Won’t Share With You

Your office may be messy- full of unnecessary paper and other waste sitting in the corners and piling up over a period of time. The same could be the case with your home if you are single and working long hours. If facing such a situation, it’s time to declutter your home and office and here are some very helpful tips which professional home and office cleaners will never share with you:

1. Home and office cleaning is an ongoing process.

Keeping your home and office clean requires consistent effort by all who share the space.  Everyone must cooperate by sticking with the policy of cleanliness.

Perhaps you support green house cleaning so that you only use efficient, environmentally-safe products when it comes to cleaning your home or office. Whatever your philosophy is, cleaning is an ongoing process.  You may want to look into hiring a professional cleaning company

Cleaning companies may offer you discounted packages for a limited period of time but it may not fit into your overall cleanliness philosophy. Make sure about that before committing to any contract. You must discuss it with your cleaning company, otherwise the cost could be too much for you.

2. Color-coded files are easier to manage.

A good cleaning company knows that it is easier to manage your color-coded files. They can simply group them according to the like material to create more space for you. Color coding of the files is one of the most effective methods of decluttering your office space and it helps a great deal in keeping it clean due to reduced paper waste and placement of boxes and files in a neat manner.

3. Dirty electronics are hard to clean and manage.

Much of the time of a good cleaning company is wasted cleaning your keyboards, tabletops, and surfaces. They will bill you more because it requires more time to clean.  They would love to exclude items which take more of their time to clean and will often neglect these items or ask you to clean them yourself. Before entering into a contract, you must be sure that your cleaning company will include these items.

4. Take care of your curtains, drapes, and blinds on your own.

You might expect that your maid or professional cleaning service provider will also clean the curtains, blinds, and drapes. Usually these are not covered under a standard service agreement between you and the cleaner, so do not expect them to clean those items for you. If you can handle this cleaning on your own (i.e. clean and wash these items yourself) you can do some haggling to get other services done.

5. Some of their employees are their friends and family members.

Probably one of their best-kept secrets is that some of their employees are their friends and family members. Generally, cleaning companies hire temp employees or college students and many of them may be untrained. If you know this to be true, you can easily haggle with them to get a lower rate on the services that they offer.

Keeping your office and home clean is not only a health necessity but also a mental necessity. Living in a neat and clean environment makes us happier and our lives more stress-free. If you are hiring a professional cleaning service, make sure that they meet your requirements and match your work philosophy.

Remember, keeping your home and office clean and organized is your responsibility and it is often expensive to hire outside help. Make sure you spend your money wisely or do the work yourself with the cooperation of the other people with whom you share the space.

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