How To Select The Best Electric Knife For Your Cooking Needs


An electric knife is an electronic device used to cut and slice food items. It is preferred over traditional knives because it requires less force and can produce better cuts.

Among the biggest reasons owning an electric knife is a necessity in the kitchen is because of the speed and the quality of cut it provides. For items that are hard to cut, the speed and the quality of the cut matters a lot. Therefore, a good electric knife is a must in order to cut and chop foods like poultry and other meat on a professional level. Therefore, the advantage of having an electric knife at home is obvious.

Before you make the decision to buy one, here are few things you must know in order to select the best electric knife:

1. The Blade

Professional chefs often purchase electric knives with blades at least of 7 to 9 inches in length. It is often the case that the longer the knife, the better the blade.

Some electric knives also come with multi-function blades. It is advised that you purchase a multi-function knife only if you absolutely need it. Multi-function electric kitchen knives may be more expensive in nature.

2. Surface of the Knife

In order for an electric knife to be great, it is important that the knife is made of stainless steel. Another factor of great importance is its surface, too. Electric knives must have a solid and abrasive surface with a precise and adjustable angle.

The surface of the blade is important in the sense that a good surface means the knife is able to run for longer periods of time without the edges of the knives suffering from erosion.

3. Safety Locks

A good electric knife also comes with a safety lock. Safety locks on the knives act as an additional safety measure to secure the knife from over-use.

Safety locks become more critical, especially if your knife is corded. If it is corded, you also need to make sure it is long enough to give you proper distance from the electric point.

4. Sharpeners

Without a quality sharpener, a knife cannot be maintained properly. Each electric knife has its own set of unique properties. Therefore, before buying the knife, make sure you know the sharpener you will need and check its availability in the market.

It should be noted that electric sharpeners tend to be noisy, so you might want to do your research in order to find one that is more on the quiet side.

5. Indoor and Outdoor Use

Electric knives come in two varieties: one with the cords and without cords. Cordless knives run on batteries so they can easily be used outdoors, whereas electric knives with cords attached have very limited capability for use outdoors.

Always keep in mind your intended use for the device. For example, if you are someone who goes on vacations and require some sort of knife, a cordless knife might be your preference.

Don’t forget to keep an extra pair of batteries just in case you plan to use the knife extensively on your vacations or during your outdoor cooking.

6. Fork Attachment

To assist the user in cutting, an electric knife always comes with a fork. If you are buying a knife without the right fork, you may not be able to fully utilize the benefits of an electric knife.

Forks can be purchased separately or they can be bought along with the electric knife. In most cases, both the knife and the fork are of the same brand.

You should also note that the handle of the knife is also an important consideration to look for. Electric knives vibrate a lot and if the handle is not strong enough, it may cause problems for you. A strong grip can prevent slipping accidents or accidental cuts on your hands and fingers.

Above are some simple and effective tips on how to buy an electric knife and use it safely in your home and outside.

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