iMOBDEV to kick-off the same services from new UAE office

iMOBDEV Technologies is a rapidly growing company and expanding its feathers over the world. As a new milestone, the new work space has been inaugurated for serving the local Dubai clients right away. For up-to-date IT services, local clients can now visit the office personally and converse their IT needs with the executives present over there.

Officials have already started entertaining the prospective clients on table. Approach the new work place for web design and mobile app development services Dubai, UAE. Serving clients flawlessly is an aim to shutter up new work-centre in the Dubai, which is a hub for demonstrating technology. Expanding business is not only the goal of iMobdev Technologies. Company puts the efforts for the clients and quality service delivering as well. That’s why they conclude with a decision to open up a new branch.

It will be now easy for the prospective clients to discuss their requirements by taking a gentle visit to the office. New Centre means added professionals to assist more customers easily. The Industry experts are appointed for serving the clients superb solutions. All services would be provided from the recently opened centre which will be same like the head development centre in India. The quality will remain same as the leading web and mobile app development company. Even the costing of development and services will not differ over the seas.

Executives from all the offices over the seas will be connected with each other. iMOBDEV Technologies has developed the advanced internal interaction procedures with a view to standardize the services. The uniform services are provided to each client, whether it is of the client from the Indian office or approaching from the UAE office. All the procedures and the protocols set for providing the end-to-end services will remain same. Only the difference will be the executives you interact with for the requirements.

Service is active! Contact our UAE official Mr. Muneeb Mughal anytime for your queries! We invite your business proposals 24/7. Drop your inquiries now!

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